Helen Golland of Angel Delights

Helen Golland of Angel Delights

While staying at the Old Drift House you may be interested in our local catering services.

Helen Golland - Angel Delights
Telephone:  01473 806398
Mobile: 07900 900329

Helen lives in Hadleigh and has been a chef for many years.  She has been passionate about cooking, baking and entertaining from an early age and would love to cater for you if you are visiting the house.

Her services includes:

• Full 3 course meals prepared and served in the house
• Canapés for a drinks soiree
• Desserts for a dinner party
• Salads for a BBQ
• Quiche for a luncheon
• Ready prepared meals for you on arrival or at any time during your stay
• Organic food from local farm shops
• Luxury Picnic hampers
Helen also specialises in Celebration cakes for any occasion.

We are very fortunate to have such a convenient service so close. If you would like to make use of her, please contact Helen directly for details.

Don't forget, the sooner you book her, the more likely she will be able to produce something fantastic for your stay.

Charlie at Miller’s Kitchen at Kersey Mill - (

  • 01473 822030 or 07772 162973(m)

  • breakfast, coffee, lunch.